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  The EL Journal is an academic, double-blind peer reviewed international journal published on a biannnual basis and appearing both in print and on-line. It is meant for all those involved in research in English Studies. The journal publishes research papers in all fields of language, linguistics and literature, discourse analysis and pragmatics, fundamentals of languages, origins/evolution of language, language and nature, linguistic anthropology, philosophy of language, psychology of language, ELT, sociolinguistics, language and gender, English syntax, historical linguistics, communicative strategies, field methods in linguistics, dialectology, applied linguistics, language and society, stylistics and literature, and related fields.

  ELJ publishes original papers, review articles, dealing with conceptual frameworks, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research, technical notes, and book reviews. Occasional special issues will be devoted to current key topics in language, literature and linguistics.

  This international-refereed journal is a publication of DSPM RESEARCH LAB, MOSTAGANEM UNIVERSITY PRESS, ALGERIA.  




* ELJournal is dedicated to publish high-quality articles to contribute to the overall development of scientific research. ELJournal also strives to provide the best services to meet the requirements of academic scholars all over the world.

* ELJournal is published for free on the World Wide Web, at no cost to either authors or readers.

University of Mostaganem, ALGERIA

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