Aims and Scope

   The   EL Journal aims to provide for exchange of information and ideas among members of the profession worldwide. Its scope is thus international in that it welcomes articles which show explicitly how local issues of language use or learning exemplify more global concerns.

   Articles in ELJ should explicitly address the 'So what?' question: How do ideas, observations, results, suggestions presented inthe paper relate to actual 'real world' problems involving the English language? How could or should what is discussed in the paper be followed up, or followed through, to practical proposals? Is there a convincing explicit connection between the disciplinary areas the  author draws on and the domains where people engage with language?

    ELJ focuses mainly on issues closely related to English studies in general and language use and learning in particular. The language of this journal is English, but its concerns are by no means confined to what goes on in English native-speaking  communities. We want to encourage submissions that show what issues in English studies arise in different regions and cultures,  and how far they might call for different perspectives and different kinds of mediation. What we are interested in is how the  particular and the general are interrelated.

 English Lingua Journal