Dr. Bel Abbes Neddar

 University of Mostaganem, ALGERIA



 Prof. Abbes Bahous, University of Mostaganem, ALGERIA

 Prof. Emeritus Michael S. Byram, Durham University, ENGLAND

 Dr. Alexander Gilmore, Tokyo University, JAPAN

 Dr. Neil Murray, Warwick University, ENGLAND

 Prof. Mari Mizuno, Kyoto University, JAPAN

 Dr. Viola Sarnelli, University of Aberdeen, SCOTLAND

 Prof. Farouk Bouhadiba, Oran University, ALGERIA

 Dr. Michał B. Paradowski, Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw, POLAND

 Prof. Mohamed Chtatou, University of Rabat, MOROCCO

 Prof. Bakhta Abdelhay, University of Mostaganem , ALGERIA

 Dr. Fouzi Bellalem Yanbu University College,  SAUDI ARABIA

 Dr. Youcef Tamer, Ibn Zohr University - Agadir, MOROCCO 

 Dr. Dara Tafazoli, University of Cordoba, SPAIN

 Dr. Anna Gonerko-Frej, Szczecin University, POLAND

 Prof. Mohamed Dekkak, Taiba University, SAUDI ARABIA

 Prof. Malika Rebai Maamri, National Postgraduate School of Political Science, ALGERIA 



 Dr. Habib Bouagada, Yanbu University College,  SAUDI  ARABIA

 Prof. Guerroudj Noureddine, University of Sidi Bel Abbes, ALGERIA

 Prof. Fawzia Bouhass, University of Sidi Bel Abbes, ALGERIA

 Dr. Fatima Zohra Benneghrouzi, University of Mostaganem, ALGERIA

 Dr. Souad Hamerlain, University of Mostaganem, ALGERIA

 Dr. Abdeljalil Larbi Youcef, University of Mostaganem, ALGERIA

 Dr. Yasmina Djafri, University of Mostaganem, ALGERIA

 Dr. Houari Mired, University of Mostaganem, ALGERIA

 * This list does not include the ad hoc reviewers. Given the diversity of papers in multidisciplinary publishing, it is common practice for the review process in such journals to rely on ad hoc reviewers whose research interest is in line with the research topic of a submitted manuscript. The expertise of these reviewers is invaluable to the review process.

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